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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Energy Investors Association (GÜYAD) ?

    Energy Investors Association (GÜYAD) was founded in 2016 by the solar energy investors to raise awareness about solar energy, actively take part in the functioning of the investments by establishing mechanisms to support investments through effective cooperation of private sector investors, create an investment environment with high added value.

  • Solar energy, a clean, sustainable and local energy source, attracts more investors among renewable energy sources due to innovations in photovoltaic technology and reductions in production and investment costs. When the high potential of Turkey in solar energy with long sunshine duration and high radiation values with respect to many advanced solar energy market is considered, the positive and dynamic contribution of solar energy to the development curve of Turkey is obvious. In this respect, GÜYAD is a platform which can raise awareness on the solar energy, enable establishment of mechanisms to improve and support investments through an effective cooperation of public and private sector investors and actively take part in their efficient functioning, provide creation of a sustainable investment environment with high added value by strengthening the relationship between the investors and all the shareholders (public, private sector, research-development, universities, technology), proclaim the problems and demands of the solar energy investors as one voice.

  • Legal persons wishing to become members of our Association shall submit their membership applications in writing by enclosing a petition written addressing the chairmanship of our Association on the corporate letterhead signed and sealed by the representative of the company with the documents stating that they meet the requirements to be a member of our Association.

  • Legal persons meeting the following conditions can apply for membership according to the charter of our Association, The ones officially possesing an at least 20 MW SPP project investment, whose acceptance are either approved or in the process of being approved, in Turkey by itself and/or through its subsidiaries or affiliates and/or, The ones holding a pre licence/licence on SPP or other renewable energy source without any MW limitations and/or, The ones founded in Turkey according to the TR laws with domestic and foreign capital possessing an at least 40 MW renewable energy source plant in other countries and the ones collaborating directly or indirectly in at least 10% share of the ones with domestic and foreign capital in question.

8.479,1 MW

JUNE 2022
Güneş Kurulu Gücü

10.975,8 MW

JUNE 2022
Rüzgar Kurulu Gücü

31.558,4 MW

JUNE 2022
Hidroelektrik Kurulu Gücü

1.686,3 MW

JUNE 2022
Jeotermal Kurulu Gücü