Mr. Cem Özkök has attended to the session titled "Renewable Energy Investments and Renewable Energy Source Areas (YEKA)" as a speaker

Renewable Energy Investments and Renewable Energy Source Areas in Turkey session was organized within the 8th Turkey Energy Summit. GÜRİŞ Business Development Director Cem Özkök, Chairman of KALYON Energy Group Dr. Murtaza Ata and Director General of Renewable Energy Oguz Can participated as a speaker to the session carried out under the moderatorship of Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), Energy Market Department Director Hacı Ali Ulutaş.

GÜRİŞ Business Development Coordinator Cem Özkök stated that, "We support YEKA. We believe that YEKA is the right solution for Turkey. We think that YEKA should be connected to a program. In the world, states are going after investors. In 2023 the solar is projected as 5 thousand MW. This is a very small figure for Turkey. We are waiting for the Roofing Directive. Solar Energy Plants (GES) can be built on idle public lands. Licensed projects are not running for the solar because the incentives have been removed. It is very difficult to be an investor in Turkey. The solar investor wants the program to be clear. 2800-3000 MW wind capacity is waiting.  5000 MW tender cannot be done. We love Turkey. We want to realize the 2023 aims. In this regard we are waiting for your help"

General Director of Renewable Energy Dr. Oğuz Can, who has spoken at the session, stated that "We are working intensively on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Since 2015, renewable energy and conventional energy go head to head. In the first 8 months of 2017, 64 MW of each hundred investments were realized as renewable energy investments. Our plant number is growing with renewable energy. We are in a period where renewable energy investments are intense. We identified the main pillars of our policies with domestic and renewable motto. YEKA was introduced as a momentum model as a new business model. We can see that the projects around 2000 MW have not progressed in the wind.  We passed 1000 MW in geothermal. From 2002 to 2017 we reached a renewable energy power of 36 thousand MW. We are updating our renewable energy atlases. A new wind power potential atlas (REPA) work is on the agenda. Investors can find more robust and up-to-date information. An investment process in the development of the renewable sector can take 5 to 7 years. EU average is 3 to 5 years. There are some activities at the point of reducing bureaucratic obstacles. Our Ministry has recently been working on very important topics.  We work in a highly coordinated manner. We need to quickly incorporate the lessons we learned into the process. Processes do not progress very fast. We are doing important work in biomass. We will mature the processes in here"

KALYON Energy Group Chairman Dr. Murtaza Ata, who spoke in the session, stated that "YEKA is a turning point in Turkey's energy story. First of all, I would like to congratulate our Minister and his team. I think this is a historic milestone. The sun has become the potential of the country lacking energy based on fossil resources. We have updated our technology selection with our Korean partner in the solar power. We will produce 21 percent efficient panels. We will build a setup that follows the sun on single-axis. There are all laws and regulations related to YEKA. We are experienced in purchasing-guaranteed privatizations in Turkey.  Developments in the solar will be faster than predicted. If financial problems are resolved, I do not see any obstacle in investing 15-20 thousand MW by 2030. I think that very serious financing will flow to Turkey."

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