The visit of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

GÜYAD Board of Directors visited the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Mr. Fatih Dönmez in his office. What is to be done in order to pave the way for solar energy investments is mutually transferred. Some of the issues related to the sector are presented as a fact sheet. As investors of Solar Energy, it is desired to draw attention to the following points. This fact sheet is presented below:

  • As it is known, Turkey is not a panel manufacturer, but only involved in the assembly work. Many domestic and foreign funds and investors have come to our country to produce and invest in solar energy in Turkey.
  • There are 27 domestic panel manufacturers in Turkey, the theoretical capacity is around 1,500 MW, and the real capacity which can be used commercially is about 800 MW. The average capacity of the plants is 35 MW / year. The largest producer has a theoretical capacity of 200 MW / year.
  • As of November 2016, solar panels are being inspected. The product value which was $ 35 / kg has been changed to $ 300 / m2 in June 2017. This corresponds to 6 times the market value.  A letter sent to customs last week also shows that the new product value will be taken as $ 150 / m2 in the new inspection certificates and the real bill will not be taken into consideration.
  • The module price of $ 150 / sqm is equivalent to 0.97 $ / W. In other words, while approximately $ 320,000 is being paid for the 1 MW modules with incentive, after this application, it is valued at $ 970,000 instead of $ 450,000 without incentive and VAT is paid in advance at $ 175,000 in imports.
  • The abolition of the incentives for solar energy facilities by law with the notification issued by the Ministry of Economy is contrary to the norm hierarchy.
  • Almost all of the banks which finance the GES projects are financing the solar panel brands which have production and installation over 1,000 MW in the world, which have proved its quality and financial infrastructure and which has international standards. Although we are willing that the production facilities in our country would come to this level, none of our domestic producers are at this stage and it does not seem possible to provide it in the medium term, this handicap does not make it possible to fund the projects and causes the investments to be inefficient.

Our opinions have been offered as such.

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