Solarex Roof Open Session

Head of Energy Law Research Institute Lawyer Suleyman Boşça, RTK Energy CEO Utku Korkmaz, EnerjiSa Business Development Manager and GÜYAD Board member Ibrahim Erden and Yingli Solar General Manager Uğur Kılıç participated as speakers to the panel moderated by the General Manager of the MENR Renewable Energy Dr. Oğuz Can.

EnerjiSA Business Development Manager and Associate Member of the Board of Directors Mr. İbrahim Erden was asked by Mr. Oğuz Can about his opinion on the suggestions and amendments that could be created in response to the model and draft of the regulation for the under 10 kW issued by the EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Board). Mr. İbrahim Erden has stated that since Turkey does not have lands  to be used for solar energy plants other than agriculture land. Thus, an improvement on solar energy shall depend on the roofs and Turkey will not be able to benefit from its solar energy potential unless the problems on roofs are not solved in Turkey.

He also told that there is a 3-4 GW capacity in the organized industrial site and outside of it and if housing is also added to this capacity then, it would reach up to 11 GW, the process is tried to be reduced from 1-2 years to 6-7 months as far as possible in the draft and opinions on alternative models, prepared by a work group formed by associations related to the solar, are conveyed to the EMRA, natural gas application process for the prepared model is examined and the suggestion is based on the question that why it can or cannot also be applied in the solar.

He stated that the reduction of the application processes and the costs would increase the roof implementations and thus a serious employment potential and efficient use of roofs would be provided.

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